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Warren Jones, The Road Warrior. I am known in the community as a Musician, The Entrepreneur, and a

Renaissance Man. I was born in Hanover, Jamaica, and lived in Montego Bay Jamaica until I was 4, then I migrated to Nassau Bahamas, where I expanded my education.

My music career started out by the motivation from my Aunt Melores Jones, whom I was raised with on my Fathers side of the family. My Aunt saw a gift in me for the art, music and creative world and started me on trumpet at the age of 11 on classical trumpet, I began dancing at 13, and started singing R & B background vocals at age 14, in high school while I was merging acting, poetry writing, and song writing all at the

same time. Upon my High School Graduation I was dabbling in street promotions for independent record labels as well as learning entertainment management just to help out friends in the entertainment industry.

To be honest, I was always nervous to sing lead vocals, but developed the courage to

sing reggae leads in 2011, starting with my first solo tune, Don’t Wanna Give Up. My music is a revelation of me. I believe that music is the common denominator in all

things. My music is a Reggae Fusion style of music because I learned a ton of different

styles in music like classical, contemporary, jazz, R & B, soul, Pop, Gospel, etc.


My music is fun, it makes you think, and makes you want to dance. My music is about

love, relationships, fun, economics, social structure, God, family, & friendship. My goal is to perform on some of the big stages globally with an 11 piece fusion band like how Bob Marley & Buju Banton did it. My long term goals are to continue to songwrite, act, and direct music videos, movies & documentaries

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